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Why Mormons emphasize Genealogy Work

Why Mormons emphasize Genealogy Work


Have you ever wondered why researching family history is so important to your Mormon friends?  Genealogy work is tied to one of the three main missions of the Mormon church, namely, redeeming the dead.


Mormonism teaches that its members can help people who have died.  They help them by receiving temple ordinances in their names.  In Mormon temples, not only are Mormons baptized for the dead, they also receive other ordinances.  They go through the endowment ceremony for those who have died and also are married vicariously for the dead.  They believe that, until the dead receive these vicarious ordinances, they will not be able to progress in the afterlife.  That is why one of the three main missions of the Mormon church is to redeem the dead.


In order to do this temple work, however, they need to do the genealogical research necessary to identify the people they will help in this way.  Thus, the importance of researching their family history.


The belief that people have opportunities to be “redeemed” even after they have died lessens considerably the sense of urgency for some Mormons.  The truth we need to tell them is that this lifetime, and this lifetime alone, is the time God has given them to trust in Jesus and he alone for salvation.  Warning them that their time is running out is the loving thing to do.


My name is Mark Cares, encouraging you to speak the truth in love to Mormons.



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