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How a Christian can say “I’m Perfect!” to a Mormon


“Are you perfect?” I hope you can answer that question with a resounding “YES”! Claiming you are perfect is not being arrogant – it’s called having faith. It’s a statement of faith which reflects the truth that God considers as perfect all people who trusting in Jesus Christ for their salvation.


Stating that you are already perfect in Christ is one effective way to bring into sharp contrast the difference between Mormonism and Christianity. And that’s very important. But it is also very difficult. Showing the difference between Christianity and Mormonism is something many Christians struggle with in conversations with their Mormon friends. The reason why they struggle so much is because Mormonism sounds so Christian.


I don’t believe any professing Mormon would ever claim to be perfect. Their whole focus is on progressing towards perfection. Years ago, one Mormon man told me that it would take him ten thousand eternities to reach perfection! Wow! Talk about a depressing thought! This reveals to me just how desperately Mormons need to hear the good news of perfection in Jesus Christ.


Before we can tell Mormons that we can be perfect in Christ, we ourselves have to be confident of this important truth. The Bible is what gives us that confidence. It does so by describing believers as saints. The Bible tells us how Jesus’ righteousness, his perfection, becomes ours through faith. It points us to Jesus’ death and how, by that one offering, we, through faith, are perfected forever.


“So, Are you perfect?” Because of Jesus you can answer that with a resounding “YES!” Confidently tell your Mormon friend about your perfection in Jesus.


My name is Mark Cares, encouraging you to speak the truth in love to Mormons.


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