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Don’t tell Mormons they believe in a different Jesus


One of the worst things you can tell a Mormon is that they believe in a different Jesus. Many ex-Mormons have told me that fewer things angered them more when they were Mormons than being confronted by well-meaning Christians with this statement. Mormons can’t understand why anybody would say that. They have a very high regard for Jesus. They are members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. Nothing seems more ridiculous to a Mormon than when a Christian tells them that they have a different Jesus. When Christians confront Mormons with that statement, than they typically will have cut off all lines of communication with them.

 It’s much more effective to get into a discussion with a Mormon not on who Jesus is, but what Jesus has accomplished for us. Instead of confronting them with what they believe about Jesus, ask them questions. Give them the opportunity to tell you what they believe. Focus especially on the question, “Did Jesus do everything for us to live with Heavenly Father or do we have to do something in order to live with Heavenly Father?” That’s a telling question because Mormonism says they have to do a lot to live with Heavenly Father. You then can share with them how differently you believe. You can tell them that you will be in heaven for all eternity with God the Father, not because of anything you have done, but only because of what Jesus has done for you. In this way, without saying it, you can effectively show them how differently you view Jesus.


So, my friends, may I encourage you today to speak the truth in love and respect to Mormons.


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