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Heavy Load


     Recently I saw a picture of an old woman in Russia carrying what seemed to be an impossibly heavy load.  The sacks on her back were huge.  She was bent over at the waist from all that weight.  Each step came slowly and painfully.  You wish you could reach out and help her.

      Many Mormons are like that woman – with one huge difference.  Many put up a brave front and don’t look as if they are burdened.  But many are – especially if they take seriously all of Mormonism’s demands.  Keeping a journal, doing all their genealogy work, maintaining a year’s supply of food and other essentials, faithfully reading the scriptures, regularly doing their temple work, fulfilling all their responsibilities at home and at church – there’s no end. 

     But what really weighs them down is the thought that their eternal destiny is riding on how faithfully they do all these things.  The more faithfully they work here, the further they will progress in eternity.  That’s a heavy burden for many Mormons.

     We can’t help that Russian woman with her burdens, but we can help our Mormon friends with their burdens.  We can point them to Jesus, the Burden – bearer.  We can tell them how the Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all.  We can tell them how Jesus invites us to cast all our cares on him.  And we can show them the joy of living a life free from the burden of trying to earn our place in heaven – a joy we have because Jesus has carried our burden for us.


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