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When Addition is not just Subtraction but Destruction


     Mormonism not only claims but emphasizes that it is adding to Christianity.  Some of this, it claims, is restoring original Christianity.  The rest, it claims, is truly new based on new revelation.  In either case, there’s a lot of “new” in Mormonism:  new scriptures, new doctrines, new rituals, etc.

     The question is:  are these additions good and helpful?  The title of this post already reveals my answer.  But I would like to explain my answer in an attempt to help members of the LDS Church better understand why I and others react so passionately to Mormonism.  We truly believe that the additions made by Mormonism do not just subtract from God’s message of salvation, but destroy it – and in the process, destroy many, many people.

     We do not see LDS doctrines as just new ingredients added to the “stew” of Christianity.  Ingredients that don’t suit our taste buds and therefore ingredients that we think would be better left out.  No, we see LDS doctrines as nothing less than arsenic added to Christianity, poisoning all who eat from it.  And it doesn’t take a whole lot of arsenic to have that effect.

     Obviously I don’t expect Mormons to agree with me.  In fact, I expect some will be pretty frustrated with me and even angry at me for saying this.  But that’s not why I am posting this.  I’m posting this because when LDS members casually talk about LDS doctrines as “new” or “adding to Christianity” and imply that that they aren’t that different, this comes off as callous and offensive to many Christians.  If that is what you believe – say it.  What I am asking is that it is said in such a way that demonstrates sensitivity to how seriously many Christians view these differences. 

     And yes, I need to strive to exhibit the same combination of honesty and sensitivity to you and your beliefs.


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