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Why Become A Mormon?



     Why should I consider becoming a Mormon?  I think that is a good question to ask Mormons.  But I also think it is only right to explain to them that from my perspective I would lose so much.  Even if I thought Mormonism’s plan of salvation was God-pleasing (which I don’t), from my perspective it doesn’t look very attractive.

     Right now I have forgiveness freely and fully through Jesus.  Why would I want to give that up for forgiveness that depends on a long and often painful process of repentance?  Right now, because Jesus has made me acceptable to God, I have the assurance that I will live with Heavenly Father for all eternity.  Why would I give up that sure thing for the uncertainty of becoming worthy enough to live with Heavenly Father?  Right now my life in Christ in wonderful.  Each day I experience his forgiveness, his protection, his love.  How can Mormonism improve on that?

     I have to admit that I began asking that question out of frustration after being repeatedly told by LDS members how much I was missing.  Even after I told them I was a Christian pastor, many persisted in trying to convince me how much better off I would be as a Mormon.  Therefore I began asking the question as stated above.  What I have discovered is that it often led to some decent discussions about salvation and forgiveness.  It is my prayer that some Mormons left the conversation not only more aware of the Christian view of salvation but also wondering if that would be the better course for them also.

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