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      Early this morning I was at our local Rec Center playing racquetball when the man I was playing with noticed some commotion right outside our court.  The courts are right next to the weight room and there was a man lying on the ground with staff working feverishly over him.  Soon the paramedics arrived.  For long minutes they performed CPR.  Finally the got his heart started and quickly transported him to the hospital.  It is my prayer that he survived.

     Understandably, that makes a person stop and think.  Am I prepared for death?  Am I ready to meet my Maker?  As I thought about those questions, I am so thankful to Jesus that I can answer with a resounding yes to both of them.  Because Jesus had died for all sins and triumphantly rose, death has lost its sting.  Now the Grim Reaper is nothing more than the doorkeeper humbly ushering me into Heavenly Father’s presence.  Now Judgment Day is something I am looking forward to knowing that there will not be one charge leveled against me because all my sins has been drowned in the depths of the seas. 

     Unfortunately, I have met far too many people who can’t answer those questions so confidently.  They don’t see themselves washed perfectly clean by Jesus.  They don’t see death as the gateway to living eternally with Heavenly Father.  They wonder if they are worthy enough.  They question if they have done all they need to do. 

     To reassure people that Jesus has done it all for them is my reason for writing this blog.  If you have any doubts about your worthiness to live eternally with Heavenly Father, see that Jesus has done everything for you.  See that and confidently look forward to the day of your death.

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