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Robert L. Millet and the LDS Church


     The most prominent Mormon author that writes about grace is Robert L. Millet.  Some Mormons rely on his work quite extensively. But do his views represent official LDS teaching?  A couple of his books that I have read include a statement like the following:  “This work is a private endeavor that does not presume to speak for either Brigham Young University or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

     So how much of his work does the LDS Church recognize?  I did a search on and found some articles that he had written for the Ensign in the 80’s and 90’s but nothing since.  Especially noticeable by their absence were any articles written by him on grace – one of his key topics.  I did find him mentioned in a couple of footnotes by other authors in some later editions – but that was about all.  I don’t see his emphasis on grace being echoed or even recognized by the leadership of the LDS Church.  The disclaimer that he puts in the front of his books is accurate – his work does not speak for the LDS Church.

     Therefore, when speaking with Mormons who refer to Millet it is important to establish the fact that his ideas do not represent official Mormonism.  In fact, he relates in the preface of his book “Grace Works” how one Church leader told him how some of the brethren were quite uneasy and uncomfortable with this emphasis on grace.  He says that he does not presume to speak for the LDS Church.  The LDS Church hasn’t said that he represents it.  Therefore it would be wrong for us or anybody else to say that his words represent official Mormonism.  If we want to see what the LDS Church officially says we need to study the sources it says represents it – especially its scriptures, living prophet and apostles.

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