I just read an article in the Mormon Times about the top Mormon-media news stories of the year.  Ranked #4 was the confusion over the FLDS (the fundamental polygamists) being identified as LDS.  The columnist was lamenting the fact that many in the media, even though they made clear that it was not part of the LDS Church, still described it as a “Mormon sect” or as a “Mormon splinter group”. 

     As I read the article, I couldn’t help see some irony in the situation – especially when this was compared to the #2 story – Mitt Rommey’s presidential bid and the confusion in the media over whether the LDS Church was a Christian Church.  There are less doctrinal differences separating the FLDS from LDS than there are separating the LDS from Christianity.  Therefore if the LDS Church strenuously fights to be identified as Christian, why is it upset when the media identifies the FLDS as Mormon?  It doesn’t seem right, in one case, to fight for identification, while, at the same time, in the other case fighting to deny identification.

     At the very least, maybe the situation with the LDS and the FLDS will help individual Mormons understand the feelings of Christians who don’t like the LDS Church to be identified as Christian.  If the LDS Church wants to be identified as Christian, it should be consistent and not resist the identification of the FLDS as Mormon.

2 Responses to “ARE THE FLDS LDS?”

  1. December 28, 2008 at 5:37 am

    FLDS are not LDS for the obvious reason that they add an “F” to the beginning of their acronym, while the LDS don’t.

    However, I do consider the FLDS to be “Mormon.” I also consider ex-Mormons to still be Mormon. Kind of like how Jews still regard non-practicing members of the family as “Jewish.” For example, whether he likes it or not, I still consider our regular commenter Darrell to be “Mormon.”

    And I consider the FLDS to be “Mormon” too, and have no objection to people calling them so, as long as the facts are not obscured as a result.

  2. 2 kittywaymo
    January 5, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    The LDS Church is the realdeal. My husband, Dr. kittywaymo is a descendent of J.S. and we have had access to his personal history etc/journals, and those of the women in his life. As a retired CNN Headline News Journalist, and PrePharmD major, I love Science, Math and information/facts.

    The fact is: Joseph made alot of people uncomfortable with his prophecies and teachings, which I believe came from the Visions and visitations he received from Heavenly Messengers and Jesus Christ. The fruits are testable, but it takes YEARS of faith and devotion, many people want the “quick fix” and are not willing to keep the commandments and study etc and love/forgive etc.. do the things that are necessary to gain a testimony of the Gospel. Dr. K and I have and know beyond all doubt, this is the True Church. But this is something we cannot give to you, like Dr. K’s MD degree and my PharmD degree, we can’t give you those either. It takes YEARS of hard work study, labwork and practice to achieve such academic attainment. So it is with the Gospel.. If you will look, study and live.. you will LIVE! (spiritually in truth). There are millions of people just like us who are very bright etc. who have come to the same conclusion,, not by brainwashing but by similar process to achieving a medical degree: practice, study, theory and lab. God bless,

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