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His Healing Now


     That is the name of a new website that I helped create.  It presents the message of God’s healing and forgiveness to those in Mormonism who are struggling with feelings of unworthiness.  It does that through various stories – especially stories from a woman’s perspective. 

     The one thing that has been interesting is that most of the early responses have been from LDS men – the majority of whom have been angry at us for doing this.  I find that interesting.  In many cases it becomes quite obvious that they have written without really reading the content of the site.  Just the fact that we made that site has angered them.  They are angry, they tell us, because we are trying to reach out to hurting Mormons.  I find that ironic because of all the LDS missionaries who appear unannounced at people’s door telling even Christians who answer that they would like to share with them their message of the fulness of the gospel.

     Don’t get me wrong.  I think all people, including LDS missionaries, who sincerely feel they have a message that will help people, should fervently share that message.  I have no problem with LDS missionaries knocking on my door.  The problem I have is when some LDS people don’t extend us the same right and ask us to cease and desist when we sincerely feel that we are sharing with them the true fulness of the gospel.

      I invite you to check out  It is my prayer that it will be used by the Lord to bring healing to many.

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