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Toyota and the LDS Church

     I’m sure you all have heard about the problems Toyota is having – not only with its cars but also with its image.   There are a lot of questions about when the company was first aware of the problems with its cars.  Some are wondering if the company put people into danger by not immediately recalling cars once they knew they were defective.  I have heard, more than once, the word criminal used to describe the company’s slow response.

    That got me thinking about the stance the LDS Church takes on the Bible.  It is increasingly promoting the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible in its TV ads and other promotions.  At first, that seems only natural because it is the version officially accepted as Scripture by the LDS Church.  But when you think about it, not only does that not make sense, it is disturbing.  It is disturbing because the LDS Church says that the KJV is defective.  I cited one example of that in my last post with the word “paradise” in the story of the thief on the cross.  The LDS Church says that it was mistranslated.

     What is even more disturbing is that the LDS Church claims to have a better translation – in fact, an inspired translation.  I’m talking about the Joseph Smith Translation or, as it is also known as, the Inspired Version.  It is something that is referenced in many church manuals.  The LDS edition of the Bible contains excerpts of it in the footnotes and an appendix.  But it’s not the version that they promote.

     That doesn’t seem loving to me.  Why promote a product that you believe is defective?  Why not promote the product that you think is superior – even inspired?  Why put, what you think is the correct translation, in the footnotes and not the main body of text. Isn’t that the normal procedure?  Especially when it deals, not just with people’s physical lives, but with their eternal lives!  That doesn’t just seem unloving, that seems criminal. 

      Why then does it continue to promote the KJV?  Could it all be about image?  Just think how much more difficult it would be for the LDS Church to claim to be Christian if it promoted the Joseph Smith Translation as its official Bible.

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