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My Second Week in Provo

We are wrapping up our second and final week in Provo.  Close to 50 people joined us as we went door to door testifying to our perfection in Christ.  We reached thousands of homes and had hundreds of good conversations.  Dozens of people expressed interest in our message and thanked us (sometimes with tears) for telling them that Jesus had done everything for them to be worthy and acceptable to God.  A surprising number of people gave us their contact information so that we can continue the conversation in the weeks and months ahead.

We found it interesting how varied were the initial responses to our message.  Some immediately stated that they believed that they had to keep the commandments to be worthy while others first responded by saying that they believed like we did.  It was only after we got deeper into the conversation did they acknowledge differences.  Most surprising was how so many agreed that they themselves or their close friends were very stressed out by their striving to be worthy.  More than one person just pointed to themselves when we brought that topic up.

Yes, we did meet some people who were angry at us because of our message.  But they were few and far between.  It was much more common for us to meet somebody who wanted to talk to us and learn more about our beliefs.

It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will cause the thousands of seeds we sowed in Provo the last two weeks to blossom into the saving faith that trusts solely in Jesus’ works for acceptance by God.

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