One Consequence of Mormonism’s Small God

“God Himself was once as we are now, and is an exalted man” (Joseph Smith, quoted in The Life and Teachings of Jesus & his Apostles, p. 325).  One of Mormonism’s basic tenets is that God and human beings are basically the same.  God is just more advanced in his progression.  He was once a man.  He still has a physical body.  Because of that, he is limited to being in one place.  He has a spouse (or spouses).  We are his literal spirit children. We too can become gods.  We differ from him – not in kind – but in degree.

In striking contrast the Bible describes God as differing from us, not in degree, but in kind.  He is an entirely different Being from us.  He never was a man.  From all eternity he existed as the one and only God and that is how he will exist throughout eternity.  He is so different from us that we can’t even fathom his triune nature: that he is one God consisting of three distinct persons.  He is in a class solely by himself.  He and he alone is God. The God of Mormonism is pretty small in comparison.

This has many consequences.  The one that I would like to address here is how this impacts a Mormon’s view of sin.  Most Mormons don’t see just how serious sin is or how serious the consequences of sinning are.  They struggle to see the damning nature of sin – how one sin makes them guilty of all (James 2:10).  Many are blind to how sin makes even their righteousness nothing but filthy rags (Is. 64:6).

One reason for that, I feel, stems from their view of God.  When they sin it isn’t that serious, because God is like them – just greater in degree.  It’s like punching your older brother.  But when Christians sin, they realize how serious that is because God is so great – because he is different from us not just in degree but in kind.  It’s more like punching the President of the United States.  Same action as punching an older brother, but the consequences are so much more severe because the person is so different.  As someone once said, “Sin is so serious because of who we sin against.”

That is why we can’t contribute anything to our salvation.  If we try to add anything to Jesus’ works for us, all we accomplish is ruining his masterpiece of grace.  Sin is that potent.  Sin is that serious.  It’s that serious because God is that great.

Before we can clearly see the Savior, we need to clearly see our sin. I encourage you to make clear to your LDS friends how serious sin really is.  Show them how big God really is.  Show them how his greatness emphasizes sin’s seriousness.  Show them their sin and then show them the greatness of their Savior.

6 Responses to “One Consequence of Mormonism’s Small God”

  1. 1 JRSG
    September 1, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Wow. This post was really awful. What exactly is the “sin” of an LDS person?

  2. 2 JRSG
    September 1, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Sorry, hit the button before I finished.

    Are you saying that you are sinless?

    You are saying that because LDS do not believe in the false, man made un-Biblical Trinity that was not taught until after the 4th century, then the LDS are sinners. Just because LDS believe different things about God and Jesus compared to the rest of mainstream Christianity does not make LDS people sinners. There are other mainstream Christian churches that have beliefs about God and Jesus that are similar to what the LDS believe. So according to you, these other churches are in sin also. They are in good company.

    Your God, the God of mainstream Christianity, is a God that is unknown, a God that can not be understood, a God of “mystery”. One can not know what one can not understand, so how can you claim to know God since God is a mystery to you. Impossible to know a mystery.
    Thank you.

  3. September 1, 2013 at 11:00 pm

    Dear JRSG,

    Mark is trying to explain that he feels that Mormons lack a true comprehension of the depth of their sin which is ultimately against God, Because the Mormon view of God is so incorrect from what the Bible reveals God to be. Biblical Christians very much believe we are sinners who have committed sins against a Infinitely Holy and Just God. Only when we begin to grasp that can we begin to understand our complete helplessness to undo what has been done against God. For example even one sin against our God even the smallest of sins say stealing a piece of fruit from His garden cannot be undone by us, because we have sinned against an Infinite Holy God, our sins also take on infinite implications. Basically we have committed crimes we have absolutely no chance or means to undo or restore. because of this we have zero capacity to undo our wrongs. Oh praise God that He did what no one but Himself, that is atone, re-balance Gods scales of justice so that when can be restored and be declared righteous which also has infinite wonderful implications, blessed be the name of our God

    Our God is Knowable and yet because our finite an fallen sinful minds and His infinite reality , there are several aspects of His nature we can fully comprehend, and even beyond that when sin is removed and we are remade in Glory it will take an eternity to discover and comprehend learn and understand our God. When Biblical Christians look at the LDS definition of God he is so so much less than our Glorious Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent, Infinite and Eternal, Sinless God. And because Jesus is God we can also know God through something we are hard wired to relate to, that is Human form. I am so excited writing this because I can see the blessing the Gift that Jesus truly is, that God has given us so many pathways to know Him, on every dimension and yet we will never exhaust Him.
    We can know and have a relationship with the infinite and incomprehensible God through Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, through the Body of Christ and fellow believers, through His Holy word the Bible, And through this amazing creation this world and Universe. This really is a miracle its like an Ant beginning to comprehend the space Shuttle.

    JRSG Keep trying to understand what we are trying to express if you can be opened minded I assure you Biblical Christianity is founded on rational cogent information and thought, there are solid grounded answers to your questions.

    God Bless

  4. September 1, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    JRSG, It’s apparent that you did’nt read Mark’s post closely . You said his post was really awful , yet it is
    your post that is really awful . You’re attack on Mark’s belief’s ( and mine) contained some of the old faulty
    reasoning and assumptions that have been refuted long ago . Now I’m glad you feel that any teaching
    that is ” un- Biblical ” is a false doctrine , I agree . However , the Trinity is a Bible based doctrine , and it
    was embraced before the end of the fourth century , so you did’nt get that right . Now you may want to
    compare what Brigham Young taught about the trinity of Gods who created this earth , and which he went
    so far as to even incorporate this doctrine as part of the Temple ceremony . This trinity was :
    Elohim , Jehovah , and Michael . Is this a false man made ” un-Biblical ” trinity ?

    Notice how you are claiming that my God is a God that is ” unknown ” , a God that can not be
    understood ? News flash : that’s is ridiculous ! Our creator can be known—- personally .
    He can also be understood , but certainly not fully comprehended . The Bible is clear on both of
    these issues . What ‘s crazy about your faulty allegation is that even Mormon leaders have said that the
    God they believe in can not be actually fully comprehended , despite that He is only an exalted man !

    You known what’s really sad ? It’s the doctrine that Mormons are to pray only to Heavenly Father, no
    one else , Jesus included . ( Mark cited this doctrine a few threads ago ) .
    This is such a egregious doctrine because it is un Biblical . The beautiful truth that to come to personally
    know the Father starts with first coming straight to Jesus as Savior , asking forgiveness , a wonderful new
    life / relationship then begins —-today this takes place in prayer . Then the Father will accept us .
    There’s a big difference between learning things about Jesus, and with knowing Him personally . He is more
    than just the great example to follow in living a righteous life . He’s alive and is worthy to hear our prayers of
    praise . But you’ve been detoured by false prophets who mimic the claims of Jesus’ true apostles .
    These prophets may be well meaning individuals but many of their teachings about God are as you say ,
    “un-Biblical” . There is no salvation in following them . Jesus warned you in advance they would come —
    Matt 24:11 . Please exchange them for the true prophets/apostles in the Bible . You can do it , Jesus will
    help .

  5. 5 JBR
    September 2, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    JRSG ,
    the “sin” of an LDS person is not unique to LDS person …. as you said: “other … churches that have beliefs about God and Jesus that are similar to what the LDS believe.

    You asked: “Are you saying that you are sinless?” ….

    A: According to God ………….
    ……………………………………….. God commanded it (not suggested, not a goal ) Matthew 5:48
    ………………………………………… Yes, I am (in this context) Hebrews 10:14

  6. 6 markcares
    September 2, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    As others have already expressed it, Christians believe that they sin – and sin a lot! The point of my post is that each and every sin, no matter how insignificant we might think it is (i.e. “little white lie” ) is a horrendous crime because it is committed against such a great God. Mormonism, with its human god, diminishes God’s greatness and thus sin’s seriousness.
    And as others have already pointed out, seeing this causes believers to experience two different things: 1) the awareness that they can’t do one thing to be saved; 2) amazement at God’s grace in saving us.
    Hope this helps.

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