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Share how to be completely worthy

 A number of years ago I read about Chinese water torture. A person is tied down and then water is slowly dripped on his forehead. It may sound completely harmless at first, but after hours and hours of incessant dripping, the localized pressure of the constant dripping creates great stress and agony for the person.


I have noticed in the Mormon church that there is an incessant urging to its members to be worthy or to become perfect. Hardly a week goes by without being told, in some way or another, to strive to be worthy. Matthew 5:48 is quoted often which reads, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” All this emphasis on striving to be worthy or becoming perfect can be nothing less than torturous with great stress and anxiety for many in the LDS church. It can often lead them to despair.


In striking contrast, think of the tremendous comfort that Christians receive from passages like Hebrews 10:14 which says: “by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” Christians don’t have to strive to become perfect or become worthy because we receive perfection through Jesus. Jesus came to keep God’s law perfectly for us because we could not do it alone. He came to pay for all our sins with his death on the cross. He became our substitute. By faith, God now considers all those who trust in Christ as their substitute to be perfect and worthy enough. That is the great message He wants us to hear and to accept.


That message of Jesus’ being perfect or worthy for us is the message Mormons desperately need to hear. That is the message you need to share with them.


My name is Mark Cares, encouraging you to speak the truth in love to Mormons.






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